Genesis was developed at Tumblr and is in daily use by us. It is part of a suit of tools, Collins our configuration/asset management database and Phil our PXE manager, we use to provision machines.

Genesis was built to address many of the challenges we’ve faced at Tumblr when managing hardware. It has greatly simplified the intake and discovery of hardware assets.

We welcome feedback and contributions via GitHub as described in the README file which also specifies the license.

We need your help!. Genesis is still in the early stages of development and while we’ve met many of the goals we set out to achieve, there’s still much to be done. If you find a bug or have a cool idea, let us know and get involved!


Genesis is developed by the Site Reliability Engineering and Data Center teams at Tumblr with contributions from many folks.

Roy Marantz
Jeremy Johnstone
Felix Aronsson
Gabe Conradi
Will Richard
Mike Leone
Gennaro Torre
Dewen Kong
LaQuan McCoy
Tanya Lett
Wilbur Longwisch
Floyd Gathright
Dan O’Hanlon

and others from the SRE Systems group at Tumblr.